Begemann & Wellink Office Management
Begemann & Wellink offers tailor-made office support to companies and persons. We carry out the extensive range of office management tasks such as:
Diary management
Word processing
Take minutes
Travel planning
Project support
Development of standard documents (templates)
Database development and administration

If you wish, Begemann & Wellink can be your central communication point for your business contacts (telephone, fax, email and mail). We communicate in both English and Dutch.

Begemann & Wellink

Begemann & Wellink is a co-operation between Annemieke Begemann and Ellen Wellink. Our wide experience, combined exceeding 35 years and gained in several branches, ensures professional support.

Begemann & Wellink offers office management on a flexible basis which means that our clients can appeal to our services when needed. Begemann & Wellink only charges for services rendered i.e. the time we effectively work for you.

This concept results in high flexibility, effectiveness and consequently, optimal cost control of your office management.

Begemann & Wellink invoices on a monthly base. Payments are due within 14 days.

Begemann & Wellink
Office Management
Het Huis met het Blauwe Dak
Rijksstraatweg 426
2243 CH Wassenaar
tel. + 31 (0)70 511 90 01
fax + 31 (0)70 511 94 45

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